Taking Something On for Lent: Caring for the Weaker

One year, I tried giving up soda for Lent. I wasn’t a fan of how much of it I was drinking (which is still the case), and I thought that using Lent as an excuse to cut back on it would be a good idea. It started out OK, but everything went downhill when IContinue reading “Taking Something On for Lent: Caring for the Weaker”

On Canceling Church

Cancel church? We could never cancel church. We’ll do whatever it takes, but we won’t cancel church. That was my mindset going into Sunday Morning. By the time I left the building around 1 p.m., though, I was already feeling less sure of myself. We had just gone over the Third Commandment with the confirmationContinue reading “On Canceling Church”

Faith, Tornadoes, and Romans 4

This post contains Pastor Natsis’s sermon from Sunday, March 8, 2020; the Sunday after Nashville and surrounding areas were hit by a massive tornadic storm. This past Tuesday I was standing in front of a house around 12:15 in the afternoon. Well, I suppose that’s an inaccurate statement. I was standing in front of somethingContinue reading “Faith, Tornadoes, and Romans 4”

Memoirs of a Shepherd

This was Pastor Natsis’ message for church on Wednesday Evening, December 18, 2019. Follow along with an audio recording of the message if you are able: I could hardly believe my eyes. At first I thought I was dreaming. I’d never seen anything like it before. I had spent so many nights in the fields,Continue reading “Memoirs of a Shepherd”

On Changing the World

This past weekend, for the first time in my life, my attention was drawn to a football game between Harvard and Yale. Though, I suppose, that’s not entirely accurate, because I didn’t watch a minute of the game itself. What I saw was the story that the game was delayed by a student protest ofContinue reading “On Changing the World”

We Don’t Say “I Forgive You” Enough

“It’s OK” just doesn’t quite cut it When is the last time you heard someone in your life say the words, “I forgive you?” My guess is that it has been a while. You may have heard plenty of people respond to an apology with “It’s OK,” or “You’re fine,” but to actually string togetherContinue reading “We Don’t Say “I Forgive You” Enough”